Publications / Presentations

Attorney Holoubek publishes and presents on a variety of legal and scholarly topics. A selection of his work follows:

  • Four Key Lessons for Potential Patentees, New Hampshire Bar News, (December, 2010). Basic strategies for Attorneys to pass on to their patent clients, to help inventors preserve their future patent rights.
  • Trademark Litigation and RS 358, a case study of Attrezzi v. Maytag, co-presenter at CLE program offered to Intellectual Property Section of the New Hampshire Bar Association and faculty and students of Franklin Pierce Law Center (March, 2010)
  • The End of Business Method Patents, New Hampshire Bar News, (March, 2009). A plain language examination of the Federal Circuit’s en banc In re Bilski decision, and how it will affect business innovators. NOTE – In re Bilski has been largely revised by the Supreme Court’s Bilski v. Kappos, 561 U.S. (2010).
  • Patent Law Update: Tafas v. Dudas and S.1145, keynote lecture presented at the Winter meeting of the Intellectual Property Section of the New Hampshire Bar Association (February, 2008).
  • Successful Utilization of Non-Compete Agreements, Business NH Magazine (October, 2007).
  • FBI Found Responsible for Mob Informant’s Murder, New Hampshire Trial Bar News (Summer, 2007).
  • The Clash Over Corporate Crime, Business NH Magazine (May, 2007).
  • An Open Letter to the 2007 Graduating Class, published in the New Hampshire Bar News in two parts (April and May, 2007) and republished in the New Hampshire Bar Association’s CLE on Practical Lawyer Skills for New Attorneys (November, 2007).
  • Jury Held FBI to Task for Mob Informant’s Murder, National Law Journal (March, 2007).
  • Working with the DOJ’s Policy on Corporate Attorney Client Privilege, New Hampshire Bar Association’s CLE on Attorney Client Privilege (March, 2007).
  • Market Reaction to Business Method Patents: An Empirical Analysis, Computer Law Review and Technology Journal (winter, 2005). The first empirical analysis of the effect of Business Method Patents.
  • Inhibition of Na+, K+ -ATPase by the cardenolide 6′ – O – (E-4-hydroxycinnamoyl) desglucouzarin. Biochemical and Biophysics Research Communications 1998 Oct 9; 251 (1): 256-9